About Us

Valley of the Mist is a working Bush Tucker farm set in 47 hectares of beautiful bush land forest.

An orchard of 10 hectares has been established which is dedicated to growing an amazing variety of native fruits and nuts using low impact sustainable farming methods. Visitors can see how we work with nature to produce the amazing Davidson plum which must be seen to be believed – as the fruit grows in huge bunches from stems which form directly on the tree trunk itself!

Valley of the Mist is also a wetland wildlife sanctuary. Over 77 hectares of rare pristine east coast wetlands have been recognised as being habitat of international importance and is home to an amazing diversity of native bird, animal, reptile, and marine life.

Just a few minutes drive off the Pacific Highway, these wetlands offer visitors amazingly easy access to observe this stunning landscape by guided canoe tour. To date over 120 species of birds have been recorded in the wetlands, including Jabiru (Black Storks), Black Swans and Ospreys – a photographers paradise!

Being just a short detour from the Pacific highway is just one reason that makes Valley of the Mist a very special place… Few locations anywhere can offer the public such easy access to a diverse range of native bird, animal and marine life as can be seen here.

These rare near-pristine and ecologically healthy wetlands are one of the last places on the East coast of Australia where such a wide range of wildlife can be seen in its natural environment.

Valley of the Mists’ bush tucker orchard is a great example of how farming can be sustained with minimal impact on nature.